Infection Control & Clinic Quality

09/09/13 | Ellie Rizzo

While not emphasizing interpersonal communication for hospital personnel — who, after all, are in the business to help people — may not seem like much of a transgression, it can have a huge impact on hospital profitability and HCAHPS scores. As certain aspects of healthcare become automated for efficiency, and as meeting performance metrics becomes essential for hospital finances, it can be easy to stop focusing on parts of the process that seem like they should be easy for healthcare providers to maintain. However, failing to employ resources to improve communication with patients may leave a hospital with disengaged providers, miserable patients and financial troubles.

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2 Examples Of How Nonclinical Decisions Can Affect Hospital

08/17/12 | S. Rodak

2 Examples of How Nonclinical Decisions Can Affect Hospital Quality Becker’s Clinical Quality & Infection Control, August 17, 2012 Written by S Rodak Dr. Cassatly suggests hospitals consider how each area of the hospital is connected to other areas. Taking this approach, called a systems analysis, can help hospitals make decisions that benefit patient care. "In the current transformation to a value-based payment system where quality is financially rewarded or penalized, systems analysis may make the difference in your institution's viability," Dr. Cassatly says...

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Career Crossroads: Re-evaluating Your Career Path

07/07/12 | Tracy Morris

Career Crossroads: Re-evaluating Your Career Path, Seven physicians, seven new paths, and the journeys to get there Physicians Practice. Vol. 22, No.7, July/ 2012 Written by Tracy Morris “One in four (physicians) are ready to jump ship, regretting their career choice while still only in their final year of training.” Dr. Cassatly, President of Medachieve and an executive healthcare business coach, “recommends a simple exercise to test your commitment to riding the waves of change. First, list your "drivers" or what he says "jazzes you up" in your current career. Next, list your "stops" those things that drag you down.” to read

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Boosting ASC Case Volume: 3 Ways To Capitalize On Your Payor And Patient Market

04/27/12 | Taryn Tawoda

An ASC that is aware of the largest payors in its market, the medical needs of its patient pool and the appropriate physicians to recruit will be well-positioned to boost its case volume over time. Here are three important ways to help your ASC capitalize on the surrounding market

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