Physician Leader Vs. Physician Clinician

09/08/16 | Admin

The transition in healthcare from a fee-for-service payment model to one based on value-based-purchasing is driving the concurrent transition of physicians from clinicians to physician leaders. Just as there are fundamental differences between the two payment models, there are stark foundational contrasts between physician clinicians and leaders. Adding to the physician’s burden, they very often must fulfill both roles simultaneously. Let’s examine the differences between the two physician roles and then, look at how to help physicians successfully make the transition.

Examination of chart #1 reveals the characteristics of the two physician types to be the exact opposite of one another. For instance, a clinical physician is autonomous, with a reactive doer philosophy; resulting in immediate outcomes from his or her actions, often with instant gratification from the patient. In contrast, the physician leader is collaborative, with a proactive philosophy; having to wait months to witness the results of his or her actions, often with shared or no acknowledged gratification.
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