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Cindi Ackrill, MD brings a most unique background to her support of leadership. After 10 years of primary care in the private and public setting, she spent a decade practicing applied neuropsychology, essentially looking “under the hood” of human behavior with brain-mapping and biofeedback. Still curious about how to best support behavior change, she certified in wellness coaching, then leadership coaching, and is leader in the world of stress management as a board chair for the American Institute of Stress. She continues to explore ways to help individuals, groups, and organizations be more productive, healthy, and deeply happy.

She delivers workshops on resilience and the neuroscience of leadership within these programs, speaks globally, and is a sought after media expert. Her approach is systems based from managing energy at the intracellular level to creating cultures that support the best of human potential. She has 10 years experience coaching physicians, attorneys, administrators, and other professionals at the C-level or moving into leadership roles within multiple hospital systems and attorney practices, and a wide variety of industries such as Deloitte, Sanofi, Toyota, and WellsFargo to name a few.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Md, Cindi attended Duke University, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and after 24 yrs in Asheville, NC, has recently relocated to the Washington, DC area.

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