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This leader of Italian origin lives in the Southeastern US and is Senior Director of Accounting for the Latin American Division of a Global Security Company. She requested coaching due to having significant issues aligning the cultural norms of her native country to those of Latin America. Contending with this cultural dilemma while at the same time reporting to her demanding CFO of US origin made her situation even more difficult. Using a cultural assessment as a framework to gain perspective, we explored the cultural norms of the different countries.

The awareness of the different cultural norms allowed her and her coach to explore ways for her to improve her cultural competencies in Latin America and the US. For instance, the bureaucracy of Latin American countries can seem opaque, making their business practices appear inefficient and indirect compared to the US. By recognizing and acknowledging these differences, she was able to modify her behaviors to more effectively manage her Latin American colleagues, as well as support her CFO of US origin. Not only was she more effective at work, but her daily frustrations and stress significantly decreased.

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