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CEO Global Manufacturing Company

This leader’s company was recently purchased by two venture capitol companies: one based in China and the other in the US. CLC was hired to work with the CEO to assist her in being more strategic in working with the Board of Directors. Since the board was composed of both Chinese and US nationals, a cross-cultural coaching component was incorporated into the coaching program. The leader was highly successful as evidenced by the following:

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President/CEO, Global Manufacturing Company

This leader was hired from outside of the company by the Board of Directors with the five-year goal of increasing sales from $500M/year to $1B/year. The employees of this century old company met the leader with extreme resistance due to the changes he instituted. The employees thought the leader “valued the processes and results more than the people.” The goals of the coaching program were to enhance the leader’s interpersonal and emotional intelligence skillsets to better connect with those he was leading.

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Senior VP, Global Pharmaceutical Company

CLC partnered with this North American Senior VP of Sales for three months prior to initiating a team-coaching program. The focus of the initial three months of one-to-one coaching was to identify what was effective, and more importantly, what was ineffective with her leadership. As her leadership skill set reached a higher potential, the leader became positioned as the “partner coach” with the CLC Coach during the ensuing team coaching program.

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CFO, Global Security Company

Prior to beginning a six-month coaching program, this CFO of a global company with $3B in sales was viewed by her direct reports as creating “a toxic work atmosphere.” She was reported to lead, “through abusive fear-driven behavior and by using intimidating and demeaning language.” Since the CFO was of Indian origin, a cross cultural coaching component was incorporated into her leadership coaching program.

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