Clients choose CLC for two reasons: our coaches and coaching programs. Every CLC coach has deep “real world” business experience in a variety of industry sectors which enable us to understand our clients’ challenges and needs. Our coaching programs are based on Columbia University’s evidenced-based academic model and the programs are designed specifically to each of our client’s unique needs and resources. Regardless of size or needs, CLC is the best source for catalyzing positive and dynamic change in leadership and business.

Coaching is an intentional process utilizing the existing wisdom and knowledge of a client in conjunction with the skills of CLC’s experienced coaches in order to create positive action. It is designed to help clients focus on what they need to do to enhance and sustain optimal performance in their business life. Whether identifying problems or opportunities, CLC’s coaching is a co-creative partnership that has specific objectives and goals to develop potential, improve relationships and enhance the performance of our clients.

In consulting, the consultant determines the problems and advises a client how to solve a problem. CLC’s coaches do not tell our client what their problem is, nor how to solve it! We partner with the client to ascertain what they see as the problem and then, co-create the strategic plan to successfully solve the problem. So, not only does the client have a sense of ownership, but their action plan makes sense them. Because of this, we find with our coaching clients want to follow through with implementing the recommended measures. Importantly, during the process we provide useful frameworks for the client to effectively manage issues and be more self-resourceful in the future.

Yes. All sessions are confidential and always customized around clients’ needs and goals. All of CLC’s coaches have been trained to use finely honed listening skills, so after an initial on-site visit, the coach and client are able to work virtually, making it easy to stay in the coaching relationship from anywhere. Everything remains confidential between the client and our coaches.

With CLC, our clients encounter new perspectives on their businesses, enabling them to identify hidden opportunities and optimize performance. Our programs are customized to our clients' requirements, empowering our executive leaders and their teams to make a difference in their companies. We offer a variety of coaching programs:

Individual – one-on-one coaching offers highly personalized and customized attention to business executives and leaders. Results include identifying professional strengths and weaknesses, developing and implementing goals, improving efficiencies in the work place to enhance quality of work and personal life.

Team -Team coaching is a process, where CLC partners with the organizational leader to enroll members in an active learning environment and coaches the team to work together for the desired business outcome. Through this process, unified protocols and action plans are developed. For example, team coaching is used in rolling out a new product, increasing sales, new quality improvement programs or introducing new technologies. Additional examples are a Senior Leadership Team that wishes to function as a more cohesive unit, a company’s Board of Directors, or ER staff that aspires to work better as a team.

CLC provides proven, positive and results-based outcomes when coaching executive leaders in multicultural settings. Our Cross Cultural Coaching Program is based on Michael’s extensive experience of coaching foreign born and/or trained executives and physicians and supplemented with research developed at Columbia University. Results are rooted in evidence-based, best coaching practices and assessments leading to improved cultural competency with many diverse cultures in today’s business environment. Whether face-to-face, or on a global conference call, the result is improved communication and teamwork.

How does Coaching benefit the Healthcare Sector?

CLC’s coaching in the healthcare sector results in more successful patient medical outcomes with lower healthcare costs.

For physicians– Helps them truly communicate with their patients and co-workers, leading to a less stressful, more profitable and markedly rewarding practice life.

For Healthcare InstitutionsIndividual coaching of physicians leads to improved patient satisfaction, improved patient medical outcomes, development of physician leaders and better staff morale with less healthcare costs. Team Coaching leads to a strikingly quicker development and implementation of Quality Improvement Initiatives dramatically embracing and resolving resistance.

For Malpractice Insurance Companies - Physicians learn the tools to strengthen their skill set to build trusting relationships with their patients, thus diminishing the chances of malpractice litigation.

For Medical Health Insurance Companies - Coaching of physicians leads to more successful patient medical outcomes and an over all decrease in healthcare expenditures.

CLC presents nationally on many topics such as: Developing Physician Leaders, Stress and Time Management, Managing the Physician with Disruptive Behavior, Practice Management, Lowering Malpractice Risk

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