First Step To Hospital-Physician Integration: Physician-Physician Integration

08/18/16 | Admin

An essential component of the development of accountable care organizations is physician integration: the alignment of physicians with hospital goals and standards. Before hospitals can successfully partner with physicians, however, physicians need to integrate with themselves, says Michael G. Cassatly, DMD,

president of the business coaching company MedAchieve.
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Rising Role Of Hospitalists

08/18/16 | Matthew T. Patton

The hospitalist role was developed to ensure the level of care provided each patient was appropriate and provided a consistent quality of care to each patient covered by the hospitalist's contract.

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How To Make Good Legally On Spoiled Visits To Increase Patient Satisfaction

06/30/14 | Adm

While waiving a charge over customer service is one thing, waiving it over a perceived shortfall in medical care is another, warns Michael G. Cassatly, DMD, president of the consultancy MedAchieve Inc. in Jupiter, Fla. “If it’s something the patient could get litigious over, waiving the fee could be construed as an admission of guilt,” he to read more

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Collect Every Dollar Your Practice Deserves

06/30/14 | Admin

Take care when reporting lesion destruction codes with other skin procedures because the latest quarterly update to the National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI), effective July 1, includes a number of new code pairs involving those codes.

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