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Performance improvement Coaching is individual coaching focused on specific developmental opportunities for the business leader. Whether the opportunity is to maximize a leader’s skill set or a perceived deficiency in an individual’s leadership, performance coaching is an opportunity for success. CLC’s performance improvement coaching programs provide proven, positive and results-based outcomes with coaching executive leaders. Review our performance improvement case studies.

Accountability is the critical imperative underpinning performance improvement. There are two types of accountability: internal and external. Internal accountability, frequently referred to as self-accountability, is when business executives hold themselves accountable. They recognize that they, having reached the limit of their leadership capabilities, require help to reach their full potential. In internal accountability, the business leader initiates the coaching program by either independently hiring a coach, or requesting one from the company’s Human Resource Department. Examples might be:

  • The business executive who desires to attain a higher level of collaboration and accomplishment from his or her Senior Leadership Team
  • The business leader who is driving a company innovation with a newly formed team
  • The business executive who has been promoted from SVP of North American Sales to SVP of Global Sales

The second type, external accountability, is when someone other than the person being coached initiates the coaching program. External accountability usually presents in two common ways. The first is when the business executive’s manager requests the coaching program. The manager often perceives there is a weakness in the business executive’s leadership and would benefit from a coaching program. Examples might be:

  • The business executive who despite his or her best attempts is unable to drive the necessary business change
  • The business leader who is involved in a company acquisition by a global company and needs improvement in cross cultural communications

Another type of external accontability is when the coaching program is initiated by the Human Resource Department. These coaching programs, originating from HR, fall into two general presentations: those without a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and those with one. All the examples cited above could have originated with HR without a PIP. Coaching programs with a PIP usually are associated with a formal written complaint and/or an HR investigation. Examples might be:

  • The business leader with a fear driven abusive leadership style
  • The physician leader with disruptive behaviors
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