Change Management

Business leaders who want to be successful simply cannot settle for incremental change or improvement! In today’s business climate, leaders and the organizations they lead must be nimble and flexible to adapt to the rapid-fire challenges they face. While there is no single model for success, at CLC we believe that adaptive leadership is paramount to thriving in today’s constantly changing business environment.

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Team Coaching

At CLC we know the pressure is on every team leader to continuously improve team performance. For that reason in our proven academic-based team coaching programs, we first partner with the organizational leader to understand the business and team’s needs, challenges and goals. Recognizing that a team is a living dynamic entity with its own personality and culture, we first conduct a confidential Team 360º Assessment.

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Cross Cultural Leadership

CLC provides proven, positive and results-based outcomes when coaching executive leaders in multicultural settings. When Michael first transitioned from surgery to Executive Business & Leadership Coaching, he leveraged his surgical career and began partnering with physicians of non-US origin to improve their ability to communicate cross culturally with patients and colleagues of US origin.

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Leadership Development

CLC’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) is similar to our other coaching programs in that it aligns with your organization’s mission, vision and values and is designed specifically to your organization’s leadership needs. Our LDP has been co-created by our CLC team members and DCS Leadership Team, Sharon Dauk, Maureen Solero and Michael Cassatly. It consists of “participant active learning modules” selected to your organization’s specific needs and culture. Confidential one-on-one coaching sessions proceed and follow each module to assist

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Physician Coaching

Benefits of Coaching Physicians

MedAchieve is the first business coaching company dedicated to healthcare in the United States and Canada. Through co-creative partnerships with our clients, we develop quality improvement initiatives that generate exceptional results in their businesses. These initiatives include improved patient-physician communications, teamwork and streamlined strategic planning, improved medical outcomes and decreased medical liability.

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