Change Management

Adaptive Leadership

The practice of mobilizing people to
tackle tough challenges and thrive
in an ever-changing environment.

Business leaders who want to be successful simply cannot settle for incremental change or improvement! In today’s business climate, leaders and the organizations they lead must be nimble and flexible to adapt to the rapid-fire challenges they face. While there is no single model for success, at CLC we believe that adaptive leadership is paramount to thriving in today’s constantly changing business environment. We define Adaptive Leadership as, “the practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive in an ever-changing environment.”

The role of a leader is unique in that all members of the organization take cues from him or her. Just as the captain of a boat needs to chart a new course due to unexpected weather conditions, winds or currents, today’s business leader must adapt to the changing external market forces while successfully maintaining his or her vision for the organization.

At CLC, we specialize in the coaching of business leaders to successfully lead their organizations through transformation. We partner with leaders to define and improve their business style and goals, which allows them to share a clear vision with the people they lead. Everyone has a role to play in successfully managing transformation. Once employees believe in the vision and their big questions are answered about how the transformation will personally affect them and the company, they will follow their leader into unchartered waters by being openly engaged. Like the captain who remains calm in rough waters, reassuring and motivating the crew, leaders model the behavior necessary for successful transformation. CLC helps leaders master the skills to effectively encourage and empower their employees in like behaviors necessary for positive change.

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