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CLC provides proven, positive and results-based outcomes when coaching executive leaders in multicultural settings. When Michael first transitioned from surgery to Executive Business & Leadership Coaching, he leveraged his surgical career and began partnering with physicians of non-US origin to improve their ability to communicate cross culturally with patients and colleagues of US origin.

As the word spread about the success of our Cross Cultural Coaching Programs, CLC’s client base changed so that currently 50% of our clients are global c-suite, or high potential executives in need of an improved cross cultural communication and cultural competency skill sets. In addition to North America, our clients’ origins are from India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Panama, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, France, UK, Nigeria and South Africa. They represent global manufacturing, security, bio pharma and venture capital companies, such as Tyco Integrated Securities, Scott Safety, SimplexGrinnell, CITIC Capital of China, DDS Lab, GSK, Sanofi and HSHS Medical. To read about our Cross Cultural Coaching Program successes, go to our case study web page.

While our Cross Cultural Coaching Program relies upon extensive experience of coaching foreign born and/or trained executives and physicians, the program is additionally based on research from Columbia University and the industry’s leading tool, the Cultural Orientations Indicator®.

Cultural Orientations Indicator©

The Cultural Orientation Indicator© (COI) allows leaders to recognize their own ultural norms and compare them to countries where they live and work, as well as the cultures of colleagues and team co-workers where they conduct business throughout the globe. Enhanced awareness of different cultural norms and unconscious biases enables our clients to develop skills and practical applications to effectively communicate with cultural competency in a variety of professional, managerial and leadership situations. The three Dimensions of Culture in the COI are Thinking Style, Sense of Self and Interaction Style.

Our results are rooted in evidence-based, best coaching practices and reliable assessments leading to improved cultural competency with many diverse cultures in today’s business environment. Whether face-to-face, or on a global conference call, the results are improved communication and teamwork. Contact us to discuss a Cross Cultural Coaching program for you and your company.

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