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CLC’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) is similar to our other coaching programs in that it aligns with your organization’s mission, vision and values and is designed specifically to your organization’s leadership needs. Our LDP has been co-created by our CLC team members and DCS Leadership Team, Sharon Dauk, Maureen Solero and Michael Cassatly. It consists of “participant active learning modules” selected to your organization’s specific needs and culture. Confidential one-on-one coaching sessions proceed and follow each module to assist participants in applying their newly acquired leadership skills in their work environement.

Our LDP is a pragmatic and practical application for your organization’s leaders and is designed to make efficient use of your organization’s resources.

Practical and pragmatic:

  • Mix of models and evidence-based frameworks designed and selected specifically for your LDP particpants.
  • Case studies, critical analysis and business discussions specific to your organization.
  • Presentation and integration of learning materials, culminating in the final presentation of each particpant’s Leadership Development Challenge: a “real world” project with a long lasting ROI for your organization.

Efficient use of Resources:

  • Modules are held at your facilites so there is no work loss due to travel time.
  • Modules can begin in the afternoon to allow the participants to have a fully productive morning.
  • Travel costs are greatly minimized as we travel to you.

Key Program Components are:

  • Pre-Program Face-to-Face Interviews conducted with each participant for us to learn about individual leadership needs and desires
  • Pre Program Online Surveys conducted by an independent research firm to provide additional insights about each participant’s desired area(s) of focus and his or her level of leadership skills.
  • Pre Program Identification of Particpant’s Leadership Development Challenge for applied learning from the LDP to a “real-world” challenge in your organization. The Leadership Development Challenge (LDC) is continually refined during the program with the coach and fellow particpants, so it is ready to implement for your organization’s benefit at the program’s conclusion. Approximately 4-6 months following the final module, a group meeting of all participants occurs to monitor progress of the LDC and further hone participant leadership skills.
  • Modules - These particapnt active learning sessions feature experiential learning with real-time feedback at your location. Some examples of module topics are:
    • Leadership Self-Awareness & Communication
    • Applied Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Behaviors
    • Leadership Presence & Influencing Skills
    • Strategic & Critical Thinking Skills
    • Change Management
    • Cultivating Resilient Leadership – “Thriving in a VUCA Environment”
    • Sucession Planning – “Building a Strong Bench”
    • Cross Cultural Communication
    • Horizontal Collaboration – “Breaking Down Silos”
  • Final Module - Presenting for Positive Impact is the final module, which allows the participants to showcase their Leadership Development Challenge to their managers and stakeholders.
  • Individual one-on-one coaching sessions take place preceding and following each module in order for particpants to apply their new leadership skills in the work environement. This is done in real time and serves to refine their individual Leadership Development Challenges.
  • Post Program Online Surveys, conducted by the same independent research firm as the pre program surveys to measure and compare the particpants’ leadership skill set progress resulting from their particpataion in the Leadership Development Program. Past LDP results have shown the following increases in skill sets:
    • Executive Presence: up to 62%
    • Self-Awareness: up to 50%
    • Applied Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Behaviors: up to 50%
    • Strategic & Critical Thinking Skills: up to 32%
    • Leadership Communication: up to13% increase

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