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At CLC we know the pressure is on every team leader to continuously improve team performance. For that reason in our proven academic-based team coaching programs, we first partner with the organizational leader to understand the business and team’s needs, challenges and goals. Recognizing that a team is a living dynamic entity with its own personality and culture, we first conduct a confidential Team 360º Assessment. This compilation of anonymous feedback from team members and key stakeholders delivers a “pulse check” on the state of your organization’s strengths and developmental opportunities. Importantly, when our coaches present the Team 360º Assessment in a team-building format, the process begins for CLC to enroll team members in an active learning environment. Through this process, unified protocols, such as a Team Charter and specific goals with individual and team member action plans are developed. Our coaching in this active learning environment enables the team to collaboratively attain their individual and team goals while working for the desired business outcome.

Team Coaching Program

Examples of team coaching are new product development and introduction to the market place, increasing sales performance, new quality improvement programs, and enhanced customer service. Additional examples are a Senior Leadership Team that wishes to function as a more cohesive unit, or an ER staff that aspires to work better with improved team communication resulting in improved efficiency and decreased medical errors. Review our team coaching case studies.

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