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In Dina’s 30+years in the healthcare industry, she experienced the ebb and flow of the changing of the guard and witnessed the upheaval restructuring of organizations and teams can cause. Yet, the teams she led over the last ten years exceeded expectations – every time!

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry has had its share of “upsets” over the years. It is a highly competitive, challenging industry to navigate successfully. Especially as a woman. Dina led teams to greatness in the areas of product launches and growth, even in times of industry instability and turmoil due to impending layoffs. Anyone who has worked in the chaos brought on by potential job losses knows that those are NOT ideal conditions for success, but her teams excelled.

Dina is certified to coach the teaming process which started a chain of events and accomplishments that have led Dina to where she is today. She experienced first-hand how to be an even stronger leader when inside of her organization and she can develop leaders coaching this process today the outside of the organization. She can help any team implement this process where everybody is working toward the same goal with meaning and purpose, and challenge leaders to develop their greatness. Dina is also certified on Team Emotional Intelligence Survey designed to uncover barriers to team success. Dina has coached in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and non-profit spaces for sustainable change for execution and/or profitability.

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