Philippa Kennealy, MD

Philippa Kennealy, MD MPH CPCC PCC is a physician professional/executive leadership development and business coaching company. She is an ICF-certifed coach, and former family physician and physician executive by training and experience, with skills in medical staff, hospital and healthcare leadership.

She engages in one-on-one leadership development coaching with senior executives and C-suite leaders nationwide, as well as with those engaged in formal programs.

Dr. Kennealy is intensely interested in helping leaders navigate complexity with agility, creativity, and social and emotional intelligence. In recent years, she has been energized by the increasing awareness of the neuroscience behind effective behavior change and powerful leadership development. These ongoing insights guide her approach to forming meaningful, impactful relationships with her coaching clients. She also believes that, for coaching to thrive as a profession, it should be able to demonstrate a positive return on investment for organizations.

She was in private practice as a family physician in Santa Monica for almost ten years and received her Masters in Public Health in Health Services Management from UCLA School of Public Health in 1997. She served as Medical Director and then CEO at UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center, prior to assuming executive positions in two Internet software application development companies. She received her coach training through the Coaches Training Institute, and formed her coaching company in 2002.

She is married to a physician, has one daughter, and lives in Los Angeles.

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