"Dr. Michael Cassatly has been my executive coach for the past two plus years. During that time I have found Michael’s style and content to be very effective in challenging me and enabling my growth as a person and leader. He has vastly improved my self-awareness enabling me to better understand where I am proficient and where my opportunities to grow exist in order to reach my full potential.”

Daniel J. Schroeder, ESQ

Americas Region

"CCL has been a valuable asset to the HSHS Medical Group when we transition physicians leaders from clinical practice into dyad roles that balance clinical and significant administrative responsibilities. Engaging our entire leadership in the process has helped us understand how we can work better together as a cohesive team.”

Melinda Clark, ESQ

HSHS Medical Group

“I met Michael in 2013 when I had a classic yet difficult business challenge of a high performing executive who needed to modify his interactions with others when under pressure. I was impressed with his 'tough love' style and the changes we saw from the executive over the course of the engagement. The following year, the Company invested in my transition into an expanded role as I became an executive and I selected Michael as my coach. He had a real impact in setting me up for success.”

Rebecca Feder, ESQ

Fortune 100 Company

"Michael’s leadership coaching process starts with a confidential realistic description of how your peers view your leadership style. He then combines it with assessments of your strengths and helps you to develop a plan to improve your leadership skills. His coaching is effective because you work in partnership with him on your day-to-day concerns to extend your leadership effectiveness.”

Andrew D. Bland, MD. MBA, ESQ

HSHS Medical Group

"Michael has proven to be vital to my professional growth as a Physician Executive in the healthcare world. He has helped develop my natural strengths and recognize my weaknesses which has enabled me to emerge as an influential leader in my organization."

Loren Hughes MD CPE, ESQ

HSHS Medical Group

Top performers look for every advantage and opportunity for improvement they can find to deliver superior, sustainable results. Leaders in every field of human endeavor I can think of throughout history have sought out experts, mentors, and coaches to accelerate their mastery and reveal new insights, strategies, and approaches. It’s true in Olympic and professional sports, entertainment, news, politics, and business. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re losing ground to your competitors.

Dr. Cassatly delivers a unique and customized program tailored to the specific needs of each client. I have been fortunate to partner with Michael personally on developing and executing my own strategic development plan. The areas we targeted have become strengths and assets, and I am a more complete and effective leader for it.

Michael’s passion, empathy, and engagement make all the difference in tackling personal growth. There are many potential paths and many capable guides to an improved you, but one would be hard pressed to find a coach who invests more of himself toward your professional, and more importantly, your personal success, than Dr. Cassatly

Andrew Chrostowski, ESQ

Fortune 500 Company

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